What is Direct Effects?

Direct Effects  is a ground-breaking patented method of delivering neuro-active drugs, traditional pharmaceuticals as well as herbal and natural compounds such as CBD/cannabidiol and other cannabinoids, to treat brain and peripheral neuropathic conditions without systemic effects. This not only reduces potential side effects and drug interactions of systemic bloodstream dependent therapy, but therapeutic benefits are realized well within 10-15 minutes as direct nerve connections are involved.

In the 30 different compounds tested to date with the Direct Effects ™ technology, the time to achieve benefit was the same, alluding to the fact that our peripheral nerve conduction back to the central nervous system, CNS, is about the same for all individuals. With oral and other systemic deliveries relying on blood; one has to consider gastrointestinal transit, absorption, liver first pass metabolism, heart function, and other blood flow factors which differ from person to person, and even, from time to time. Further, there is also no potential for overdose as drug blood levels are non-existent or negligible.

Revolutionary Medical Psychedelics: More User Friendly and Safer

NeuroDirect™  is convenient to use, allowing patients to relieve symptoms by applying the ketamine topical in any setting without the risk of over-medicating or intoxication. Whereas other ketamine treatments require hours of IV dosage in a clinic or supervision over telehealth, this at-home model will significantly reduce the cost of clinical care for both insurance companies and patients.

Observational data from Dr. Aung-Din sheds light on the success of NeuroDirect™. Patients suffering from extreme PTSD, anxiety, and depression who never responded to traditional therapies or medications have shown remarkable and positive responses to a NeuroDirect™ ketamine formulation. Patients self-report a sudden calmness and persistent ability to refrain from attaching to their traumatic past and lead normal lives.

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Patented Breakthroughs

Dr. Aung-Din has been granted 13 US and foreign patents related to DirectEffects delivery.

Of particular significance are 5 recent USPTO patented breakthroughs.

#1: CBD/cannabinoids in humans

#2: Using CBD/cannabinoids in animals/veterinary medicine

#3: Using CBD/cannabinoids combined with a traditional pharmaceutical agent

#4: Using CBD/cannabinoids combined with another therapeutic herbal/natural compound

#5: Using the non-cannabis cannabinoid-receptor agonist, caryophyllene*

*Particularly useful for fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain conditions. It also avoids the stigma and misconceptions still existing with CBD and other traditional cannabis products. Caryophyllene is derived from essential oil extracts of such innocuous substances such as African Black pepper, cloves, and lavender.


Tom: Vietnam veteran with intractable chronic migraines and neck pain.

Sebastian: Young boy with myoclonic epilepsy

Cocoa: Dachshund with degenerative disc disorder

Aidan: Young boy with febrile and grand mall seizures